Going Australian

This weekend, my wife and I decided to have some of our friends over for an Australian barbecue out in the backyard. I think it’s a great idea especially since I know Cara misses her hometown and all it has to offer. So, this little get-together we’re having will be a nice way for her […]

Back on Home Soil

Hey guys! I’m so glad to be back (and that I kept my old domain). How long has it been? Two years, no? It’s been a long time, that’s for sure. I can’t wait to share my experiences from the last two years with you guys. Expect to see many blog posts regarding my travels in the […]

Goodbye America!

I was born, raised, and I have been working here for the  past 4 years. But now, it seems that the winds are taking me to a different direction. Have I ever mentioned that it has been my dream to travel around the world on Que Sera Sera? Yeah, I’ve always wanted to try living […]

Exercise Should Be A Way of Life

It’s also a big surprise to me that I have become determined about staying fit and healthy. I used to just let things be and I could care less about my lifestyle. Now I run, lift some weights and also workout on my elliptical trainer. I’m still very busy with work but I really find […]

Superhero Movies

We have all seen a lot of comic book-based movies this year. It’s pretty exciting don’t you think? I’m sure comic book fans have mixed emotions about these because some adaptations were not so good even after all the hype that surrounded them during promotions for the movies. Here are some of this year’s blockbusters […]

Hyundai is the Way

Over the years, Hyundai vehicles have made a big impact in the international market. They are not anymore just highly regarded in Asia but they have joined in on the global market. Here are some of the models that I like from Hyundai. Genesis Coupe – my new car Accent or Verna Elantra Sonata These […]

Utility Bag

I think I’m becoming a serious runner (somewhat). Another thing that I want to add to my gear is a utility belt. Nike is really one of the leading, if not the best, makers of accessories and apparel. Whatever you need, they always seem to have. With this design, you would be able to put […]

iFit Live

We are still searching for the perfect treadmill for my girlfriend and we discovered the iFit Live technology. It’s so cool especially for runners like me. With iFit Live, you can pick any course in the world using Google maps and it will program your treadmill or elliptical to simulate that course. You can also […]

For The Eyes

When it comes to sunglasses, Ray-Ban is really the most popular of all time. It’s such a classic and everyone seems to refer to sunglasses as simply Ray-Bans. The Aviator and the Wayfarer are the most common terms that anyone knows of this brand. Aviator – this one I already have because everyone should have […]


I have been blogging about working out and getting an elliptical trainer. This time, my girlfriend also wants to join in on the fun and buy herself a treadmill. So here we go again searching for the right one for her. It’s an important factor that it has to be foldable because I already have […]